Loading & Surveillance

What is Loading

Loading surveillance is an on-site inspection service. It will be performed to load container with securing for safety shipping for the shipment. The loading is performed after the pre-shipment inspection and it ensures that your inspected goods are packed well and do not damage during process of shipment for the international market.

Why Loading
Surveillance is needed?

Loading surveillance is needed :

  • To minimize the risk of merchandise loss, empty or damages cartons.
  • To reduce the risks and costs by optimizing the workflow and thus a detailed report helps to identify and eliminate flaws in the system.
  • To eradicate possible claims in advance from other parties at the further end of the supply chain.

Loading Surveillance

The container condition itself is scrutinized for any flaws or damages that might pose a potential risk to the merchandise during the journey which is ahead of all the loading process The loading process itself as well as sealing of the container will be closely monitored, photographed and documented.

Additional and appropriate seals and stickers can be added to minimize risk of any fraud as well as to increase authentication.

To identify any irregularities on the container before they are loaded on board and shipped overseas, a second check of seals/stickers and the containers doors can be arranged at PP-Port or Sihanoukville Port.