Factory Audit

What is the Factory
Audit ?

A factory audit, which is like a snapshot of your factory. It is conducted to make sure that the factory is capable to meet all the criteria for a supplier to produce their all products based on their requirement. All the data recoded by an auditor during audit with the essential pictures to reach the minimum aim and depth to client’s aspect.

Why Audit is
needed ?

Factory audit is needed :

  • To verify that factory has capability with resources and equipments.
  • To assure that factory has enough capacity to produce your required product on time to catch the vessel.
  • To measure the effectiveness of the factory’s Quality Management System.
  • To help remove the availability of frustration for over un-expectations.


Factory Assessment

Potential suppliers should be evaluated by a professional evaluation which will ensure that they possess the technical ability to produce merchandise .The evaluation will also ensure that the merchandises will meet expectations and requirements of the end customer. Evaluation of the technical and mechanical processes for production is very primary and this should not be underestimated.

Social Compliance

We ensure social compliance audit based on some key elements of concern like child and forced labor, health & safety regulations, correct payment, precarious employment, tolerable working hours, overtime compensation and the freedom of association.

It is concerned with :

  • Evaluation, benchmarking and monitoring workplace conditions
  • Working environment of
    manufacturers and performance improvement.
  • Company image enhancement, reputation and corporate governance.

Quality Management

A collection of business processes comprehensively makes Quality management systems (QMS). The achievement of quality policy and quality objectives in line with clients’ expectations and needs is the prime focus.

Organizational structure, policies, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality management expresses the total system. Sustainability and transparency initiatives are the recent addition to the check list as QMS has tended to converge with. These factors are interconnected to both investor and customer satisfaction and perceived quality.